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The driving force behind the world acclaimed CACI non surgical facelift system, CACI International has built a reputation as an industry leader and innovator and Team Rejuven are fully trained to ensure your skin is in the best possible condition.

Exclusive to the area, Rejuven use the latest CACI ULTRA equipment meaning you will receive the best possible care and attention your skin deserves.

CACI Ultra

The multifunctional CACI Ultra combines the facial toning functions of the award winning CACI Classic non surgical face lift system with the skin regenerating applications of the world acclaimed Futur-Tec system.

The CACI Ultra system incorporates 4 different technologies within one state of the art treatment device, Microcurrent, Ultrasonic Peel, Hydratone and LED Light Therapy photo stimulation.

The colour touch screen interface provides a selection menu of over 40 pre set treatment programs for softening lines and wrinkles, facial toning, hand rejuvenation, stretch marks and improving acne blemishes.

The system utilises a special ultrasonic handset that vibrates at 27,000 vibrations per second on the skin surface to exfoliate and deep cleanse the epidermis.

Ultra’s unique wrinkle comb applicator is used to effectively and painlessly plump out and soften deep lines and wrinkles thereby providing a needle free alternative to dermal fillers.

Exclusive to Rejuven

Ultra Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Treatment

The Ultra Anti-ageing treatment is an advanced facial which focuses on all your anti-ageing concerns.The procedure incorporates CACI microcurrent muscle lifting and toning, ultrasonic peeling to gently resurface and deep cleanse the skin. LED light therapy and electrical stimulation is used to immediately plump fine lines and wrinkles. Environ ultrasonic technology pushes active vitamins deep into the skin helping to renew the skin at a cellular level. The perfect anti-ageing facial for muscle toning and skin rejuvenation.

Ultra Advanced

£8890 mins

Advanced Eye Revive Treatment

The Advanced Eye Revive treatment includes CACI microcurrent and ultrasonic peeling. This treatment will lift and tone the muscles around the eye area, whilst Environ products will hydrate and plump fine lines, as well as reducing puffiness and dark circles, giving the area a brighter complexion.

Eye Revive

£6060 mins

Active Vitamin and CACI Eye Revive Treatment

All the benefits of The Active Vitamin facial plus this treatment combines active micro-current eye rollers, which are infused with CACI Eye Revive Serum that has powerful anti-ageing properties, and CACI’s NEW Hydro Eye Mask. The Hydro Eye Mask is packed full of hyaluronic acid and collagen to help soften fine lines and wrinkles along with green tea and cucumber extract to detoxify, calm, soothe and re-energise eyes, leaving them bright and tight.

85 Mins