Why we all wear sunscreen… everyday

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Why we all wear sunscreen… everyday

Hi to all our amazing clients,

Louise here again and I wanted to share a news article with you all that I read last night while having a precious moment to myself. You all can relate to this I’m sure, it is post-dinner, pots, tidying around and putting my little one down for the night. It’s that time where you let out the biggest sigh of the day and can feel your whole body relax. In my younger days it would be sat with a large glass of mummy’s special juice (children are not allowed to touch), now it’s a large mug of tea. Oh, life….

So, many of you will know when walking into Rejuven and meeting the Team, how we all emphasise the need for you to wear a sunscreen and not just when the sun is shining, we mean every day making it a part of your daily skincare daily routine. “Yes, we know!” I can hear you all say that’s why I wanted to share with you proof and reason why it is so important. The article was published by The Insider, who spoke to renowned Dermatologists, please read for yourself.

Why most anti-aging products are a waste of money, according to dermatologists

As you have read, over the counter moisturises don’t work, and the most important product you should purchase to ensure you are looking after your skin and fighting the effects of ageing is a physical sunscreen and using it every day. There is no point spending thousands of pounds each year if you fail to wear your sunscreen. Honestly, I didn’t know this and I’m now showing the early signs of damage, brown spots and fine lines. I’m not trying to sell to you, but if I can educate just one person reading this to wear protective sunscreen, it will have been worthwhile. Then in 10 years from now, you will have helped protect our next generation and, hopefully, we are on our way to eradicating skin cancer.

So, we think if you’re going to put it on your skin, every single day, you really have to love it! And it should be good for your skin too.

AlumierMD is that go-to product we rave about and we think you will it too.

The reason this is better than shop bought products is that natural, mineral or physical sunscreens, don’t use potentially harmful ingredients that are absorbed through the skin. Rather, they use compounds that provide a physical barrier to protect it.

AlumierMD broad-spectrum SPF sunscreen lotions, both Sheer Hydration and Clear Shield, really work well with your makeup so you can look great whilst being protected.

If the Rejuven team and the dermatologists who spoke to The Insider have not convinced you, perhaps this song released in 1997 will. The advice in it is even more important today!

Ask us about our AlumierMD range next time you are in the clinic.

What’s your favourite skincare tip? Let us know in the comments section below.

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