My Skin Needling Journey – Weeks 2/3

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My Skin Needling Journey – Weeks 2/3

CIT Skin needling week 2 & 3

Skin Needling (CIT) Week 2 and 3 combined

Let me update you on what happened with my skin in the days following on from CIT. I maintain a flushed look, but nothing major. It didn’t stop me from going about my normal daily routine.

Day 3 my skin looked dull and dry, I used the Après Kit (post CIT treatment serum). I was using this on an evening and again on a morning prior to my normal skincare routine.

Day 4 I noticed peeling around my forehead and chin area.

Day 5 skin looked much fresher, still peeing slightly.

Day 6/7 brighter overall complex, back to normal skin hydrated looking plumper.

I went back to home rollering on an evening and I’ve found my skin is more tolerant to this, I don’t have that just boiled lobster and I can even wear my Environ revival mask overnight, which I couldn’t do before. 20 minutes was my maximum time.

Overall no downtime and within a week my skin looks fresher which for me is good news especially when looking in the mirror! I am thinking of trying the snow white phrase at some point… but not just yet.


The girls, my expert advisors on CIT, and I decided in week 2 & 3 to mix things up a little. I had a little smirk on my face and a glint in my eye, the rebel that I am. The decision was to compact 2 sessions into one week. The reason, my skin is handling the treatment well, this means that my skin is becoming healthier. This is also due to the length of time I have been using Environ products, as the longer you have been using vitamin A, the better and faster you heal which is true in my case, my skin is more compact and thicker.

I have been using Environ products for 9 months now and I am onto level 3 AVST. Environ use a step-up process to increase the levels of topical vitamin A in the skin. There are 5 stages in all. I also compliment this by using oral vitamins combining A & C which are the key to quickly seeing the marvellous results of CIT.

The science behind it: Vitamin A is the fuel that the FIBROBLAST machine needs to make COLLAGEN 1 and ELASTIN while Vitamin C is essential for the production of normal collagen.

So, it’s like we’re moving from gold standard CIT to platinum CIT.

In my 2 & 3 sessions the process was the same as I described in my blog, however now I’m producing more blood which means my skin is becoming healthier, which in turn should produce better results. The more blood that’s being produced the more this is releasing growth factors, which in turn is producing new collagen and elastin. That for me was a great moment. I suppose, in a way, I’m sceptical like any other person; Does this really work? Will I see the results?… but even I know it really is working as Dr Des Fernandes said it would, this man really is a skin god.

The more research and reading I do about CIT the more I find out how extraordinary and revolutionary this treatment really is. So, I’m going to share with you what I found out.

Apart from when we are in the womb, we cannot regenerate our skin or any other organs. Scientists think this is because of exposure to oxygen and nitrogen in the air. In the CIT environment, there are tiny wounds with normal tissue levels of oxygen and the regenerative process is promoted, just as in the foetal state, where we exist in relatively low levels of oxygen. However, regeneration is not something that we generally expect the body to be able to do. During CIT the skin actually regenerates! I think this is remarkable. All I have left to say is let the regeneration begin and hand me that magic mirror.

Please see photos, not for the faint-hearted.

Will let you know how my skin handles the 2 sessions next week, as you know we’re closed for Stokesley Fair week, have a great week everyone.

After care

So, aftercare, and this is really important –

  • No touching of your face.
  • No exercise for 24 hours
  • No hot baths on the evening, warm water only
  • Bedsheets & pillowcases must be changed for a clean, sterile environment
  • Clean your jewellery, mobile phone and makeup brushes, anything that touches your face
  • No makeup until the next day and this has to be mineral based

Any questions, please ask in the comments below. I’ll let you know next week what happens to my skin in the coming days.

After the Skin Needling treatment

Make sure to read next week’s blog and if you can’t wait to get started, head over to the Skin Needling page and book your treatment today.

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