My Skin Needling Journey

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My Skin Needling Journey

Louise and her skin needling (CIT) journey

Hi everyone, its Louise, your newest member of team Rejuven.

Today I’m writing about skin needling, or in the medical world Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT), the benefits of this treatment, why I need skin needling and I invite you to follow my journey over the next 6 weeks where we will video the treatment being performed, the immediate results and the days following.

We all now live in an age where youthful, plump, ageless faces dominate our world. I mean just look at JLo, aka Jennifer Lopez, she defies age and gets more amazing as each year passes, I mean you wouldn’t believe she was 49… omg! …then not leaving out you guys, in recent reports the male side of the industry is booming, and here at Rejuven we offer a male-only clinic. Look at David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and, of course, the original silver fox himself George Clooney.

Our news feeds on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TV commercials keep reminding us and re-enforcing the message ‘ageless skin & faces are a must’ and like the L’Oréal ad says ‘because we’re worth it’. Well yes I am worth it, so let the journey begin to ideally looking 10 years younger but more importantly looking in the mirror and being happy with the reflection as self-confidence in this day and age goes a long way. Not to mention the importance of healthy, glowing skin and, of course, this happens below the surface. The words I love to hear everyday are ‘new collagen production.’

So, firstly what’s the hype about skin needling (CIT) and what does this mean? Basically, it means pricking the skin deeply with tiny needles to make it repair itself.

There are 3 different types of skin needling.

Cosmetic Needling – this type of needling is done at home, using a home roller with short needles, it doesn’t penetrate the blood vessels, there is no bleeding and it’s not painful…we’ll see about that!

What is the benefit of this? Well by using a home roller it enhances the effectiveness of raw materials. In layman’s terms, it allows better penetration of our products by opening the channels to give our skin a better overall appearance. I will be using my home roller each evening and, of course, will let you know how this goes.

Medical Needling – this is performed by a trained specialist using a topical anaesthetic. Introducing the masters Chloe and Lindsey, apparently this is where they are going to make me bleed but I’m not going to feel a thing! Tiny blood vessels get pierced, releasing wonderful growth factors that rush to create new collagen. It improves light scarring and wrinkles, skin laxity, stretch marks and other marks. Using a needle depth of 1.5mm. This will be performed weekly at the clinic and is championed by Dr. Des Fernandes himself, in fact, he founded this treatment method.

Medical (CIT) causes bleeding BUT….it’s the release of blood that wakes the repair and starts the process of building more fibres, collagen and elastin.

Surgical Needling – Must is done by a doctor using regional anaesthetic, same as above but is used more for deep scars.

Let’s get medical and scientific for a moment; the needle pricks wake up the platelets (the part of the blood responsible for clotting), they flow out of the capillaries and get to work immediately releasing a complex cascade of special chemicals called growth factors. The most important of which are the TRANSFORMATIVE GROWTH FACTORS (TGF). This TGF Beta 3 is responsible for scarless healing and building new tissue. Fibroblasts are the machines which make collagen & Elastin in a lattice formation embedded in thick gel glycosaminoglycans (GAGS), just as it was laid down when we were a foetus!

Wow, that has totally blown my mind, and how many of us can pronounce glycosaminoglycans?

Skin Needling (CIT), to you and me, causes regeneration of collagen & elastin which in turn produces firmer, youthful looking skin, fewer wrinkles, fine lines and an overall even skin tone.

It is now simply a question of let’s gets started, well actually this will happen on Tuesday 28th August 2018 and I will be blogging that evening with videos on Instagram at around 5 pm.

Leave a comment below, even if it’s only to wish me good luck!

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