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It’s a Skin Thing

Be you a man or a woman, I want to share with you my personal skin journey from 2011 to 2017.

When I watched the recent BBC 1 programme ‘The Truth About Looking Good’, the key points I took away from the programme were –

  • Moisturisers – there is no evidence they have any effect on anti-ageing
  • Wear Sunscreen daily, even in winter to keep wrinkles at bay
  • Use Vitamin A and Retinol daily for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and anti-ageing

Going back to when I was younger, I recall I was always seduced by the market leading brands’ claims that their products produced amazing result and would either make my skin look younger or slow the ageing process. By the time I was in my 40’s I began to think ‘is it just me or does it happen to everyone?’ because despite regularly using these extensively advertised products I was showing signs of ageing and they were clearly not doing what they said on the tin!

Looking in the mirror, I could definitely see the visible sign of ageing on my skin despite using the best and, sometimes, the most expensive skin care and makeup products on sale in the high street, I ate a good diet diet and I tried to keep fit; all of the things the ‘experts’ told me would make me look younger.

Entering my  50’s I concluded there was nothing more I could personally do to improve my skin and would have to age gracefully like so many others.

When I opened my holistic business in 2004 I focused on body work therapies. Repeated demand from clients made me decided that I would add skincare into the business portfolio. Based on my own personal experience, this was not something I was going to embark upon lightly. I had to get it right for clients if I was to have any credibility in this new business sector.

I carried out many months of research and, after careful consideration, decided the International Institute Anti Ageing (IIAA) had something truly remarkable to offer. They partner with three brands –

  • Environ skincare
    • developed by Dr Des Fernandes, a world renowned plastic surgeon
  • The Advanced Nutrition Programme
    • developed by Patrick Holford, one of the UK’s most respected nutritionists
  • Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup
    • Jane is a pioneer in skincare makeup and is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and skin care professionals worldwide.

The IIAA’s training and development programme is core to their success. Myself and the skin care expert therapists at Rejuven receive the very best in terms of knowledge transfer and understanding of how the  skin works.

I switched my skincare routine and started using the three IIAA brands in 2011. Below you can see my comparison photos, taken 6 years apart, with a supporting narrative written by Natasha Winkler, Expert Skin Analyst from the IIAA. She refers to me as ‘the client’ and I confirm that I am not wearing any makeup in the images except occasionally for some badly applied mascara!

Owner of Rejuven


Wrinkles 2011 64%

Wrinkles 2011

Wrinkles 2017 85%

Wrinkles 2017

We can visibly see the amount of green lines, which are indicating collagen and elastin loss, have dramatically decreased over this time period. Naturally over this time frame, we would usually expect to see more collagen and elastin loss as the skin ages, especially in this particular area. This is due to the skin becoming thinner producing less collagen and elastin.

As this before and after comparison shows, we have increased the stimulation of collagen and elastin, improving visibly the appearance of lines and wrinkles around the eye area, giving the client a much more youthful appearance. We can also see how much more elasticity the skin has, by how much more ‘springy and plumper’ it looks. This is indicating the client’s own skin cells are generating thier own elasticity. We have engaged this client’s cells to retain moisture and to completely hydrate themselves. Dehydrated skin will automatically make people look more aged and older than their chronological age.

We have achieved this due to skin cells being corrected and stimulated using Vitamin A (mainly retinal palmitate and peptides). Internally we have fed the skin with Vitamin A supplements from the The Advanced Nutrition Programme and topically applied Environ Vitamin A cream. Environ uses a unique step up process, to gain long term and lasting results. A key factor in ageing prevention is also protecting your skin with a broad spectrum SPF on a daily basis. Most causes of ageing are due to damage from UVA and UVB light.

The SPF protection we have used on this client, is through the purest form of mineral make-up, Jane Iredale. This allows the client to gain coverage without adding harmful chemicals to the skin surface, which in turn contributes to healthy skin, allowing the results to last, and continuously improve over time.

Sun Damage

2011 UV Damage 3%

Sun Damage 2011

2017 UV Damage 69%

Sun damage 2017

These scan images show the depth of the sun damage has dramatically decreased. The darker areas show visible UV damage to the skin and this as been caused by over exposure to the sun in recent years. Sun damage contributes to most signs of ageing within the skin.

To achieve this kind of result takes time. As we can see through this clients persistence, she has gained a fantastic result in minimising the damaged cells of her skin, causing them gradually to become lighter and brighter over time.

The way we have achieved this dramatic change is again by correcting the skin cells through the use of Vitamin A, C, E, Antioxidants and Peptides, all from the Environ Vitamin A range and The Advanced Nutrition Programme supplements. Skin Vitamin A to correct the cell, and Skin Vitamin C to encourage the skin to become brighter. Using this two pronged approach on the skin allows us to work and change the activity of every cell in the skin, working from below and above to achieve visibly dramatic and physical changes.

The key factor in minimising future damage to the skin and to protect all the changes we are making with Vitamin A, is to ensure we are protecting with a broad spectrum SPF, such as Rad SPF 15, or Jane Iredale Mineral makeup. If sun damage and age spotting is your main concern, and you are not protecting with either of these, every time you expose your skin to the sun you are damaging it even further.

Wearing a good quality Mineral makeup such as Jane Iredale, that is clean, and chemical free, is a great way of promoting overall skin health, but also gives you UVA and UVB protection. Most ‘mineral’ makeup contains chemicals and a lot of Talc, and legally only has to have a very small % of mineral in the product, to be classed as ‘mineral’. With Jane Iredale, the products are 100% clean and also give added skin care benefits, as well as full protection.


2011 Bacteria 29%

Bacteria 2011

2017 Bacteria 21%

Bacteria 2017

It is important to have a healthy, and even spread of bacteria on the skin. We have good and bad bacteria, similar to our gut. Some ‘cosmetic’ cleansers can be very stripping of this bacteria, and can remove more then we want, which in turn, can thin and strip the skin, and cause inflammation, below and above the surface.

As skin care professionals, we would always recommend using Environ Pre cleansing oil and Vita Peptide Cleanser and Toner, to ensure we are preserving the good bacteria on the skin, which is exactly what this client has used to achieve these amazing results of a much healthier spread of good bacteria.

The benefits of using the Pre cleansing oil is this actually allows us to properly break down any makeup, including eye makeup and waterproof mascara from the skin. The oil attracts any foreign bodies and allows a smooth and hydrating cleanse without the risk of stripping the skin. It is easy to strip the skin when using a cosmetic cleanser, which mostly use strong fragrances, perfumes and alcohols.

Applying the Vita Peptide creme cleanser after this, will completely sooth, plump and hydrate the skin, preserving the integrity of the epidermis and minimise any redness. For added results and to act as a treatment lotion and penetration enhancer for Environ Vitamin A  moisturisers , this client has used Vita Peptide Toner to balance the skin, close her pores, and promote a health PH balance, which is the foundation of all healthy skins. This will also assist in enhancing the appearance of a much firmer skin, will improve an uneven skin tone, and give the skin a radiant healthy glow.

It is important to remember that cosmetic makeup will cause masses of bacteria on the skin due to all of the chemicals they contain. Using Jane Iredale foundation allows us to minimise all bacteria being transferred onto the skin, as it is completely inert, which means it will not breed any bacteria, making this a much better option for your skin!


2011 Redness 62%

Redness 2011

2017 Redness 60%

Redness 2017

As you can see from the before and after pictures, the clarity of the clients skin as changed dramatically. She has achieved a much more even and brighter complexion, through taking Pro Vitality Formula supplementation internally. This has dramatically caused her skin to become healthier from the inside, and has made her skin a lot stronger, less thin and less aged.

As you can see, the broken capillaries and severe inflammation were an issue superficially for this client, so working on the capillary network from below with her supplements, and topically with Environ Vitamin A creme and C-Boost, (Vitamin C boosting treatment) has allowed us to change the clarity of her skin completely. Any individual that suffers with redness or sensitivity benefits massively from our 3 step approach to gaining a much healthier skin!

Again, looking at makeup, cosmetic make-up ranges will 100% cause and contribute to this sort of damage. Switching to a pure and clean, chemical free makeup such as Jane Iredale, will completely minimise this from happening. It will also continue to help treat the problem, alongside Environ and The Advanced Nutrition Programme.


2011 Texture 78%

Dehydration 2011

2017 Texture 96%

Dehydration 2017

The areas of blue indicate lack of hydration and water loss from the skin. This is why it is so important to not only treat your skin topically, but internally as well.

This clients hydration has increased dramatically by taking Pro Vitality Formula supplements, which were prescribed by our skin care professionals and tailored to her skin needs. These contain an array of vitamins to target inner skin health, especially with regards to ageing and hydration.

We can see the skin is so much more balanced because she is producing her own hydration, which is turn, will be stopping her skin ageing as quickly!

Harsh skin products and makeups will also age the skin, so this client has incorporated Environ skin system, Pro Vitality Formula and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup into her daily routine to protect and perfect her skin.


2011 General Skin Health 13%

Imperfections 2011

2017 General Skin Health 41%

Imperfections 2017

What we are looking for in this before and after is the size of the blue areas being picked up on the skin. We can see that due to the dramatic changes to her sun damage, redness and capillary network  and the fact that she is producing more of her own collagen and elastin, her imperfections are much smaller and the skin is so much more refined.

This is due to the changes Environ Vitamin A products, Pro Vitality Formula supplements and Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup have made to her skin.

By having her skin analysed  twice yearly using the Visia machine and having stopped using harsh skin products and makeup, we have been able to monitor her skin condition and ensure she is using and taking the correct products for her unique skin condition.

The combination of Environ Skincare, Advanced Nutrition Supplements and Jane Iredale Mineral makeup have resulted in dramatic changes not only in her imperfections but in the overall health and appearance and slowing of the ageing process of her skin.

I am thrilled that not only has my skin not aged but it has improved. I use IIAA products every day and will continue to do so. Why wouldn’t I with results like these?

It is never too late or too early to start effectively caring for you skin.

Start your ‘Reborn Beautiful’ skin journey today with one of our Rejuven skin care experts.

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