Ian – Week 1

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Ian – Week 1

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My appointment at Rejuven started in the same manner as Debbie’s. Chloe introduced herself to me and we went throught the consultaion which consists of questions about your general health and your aims and goals from undertaking the 3D Lipo programme.

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It was then time to take the fisrt set of measurements. Chloe used a speical measuring tape, taking great care to mark where these initial measurements where being taken. She explained that there would be a further set of measurements taken at the end of this session.

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After applying some ultrasound jelly (which made me jump as it was cold – a bit like jumping into a swimming pool, you soon adjust to the temprature) the head of the machine is applied to all areas of my torso. Firm but gentle pressure is applied but was never uncomfortable. I could hear a buzzing noise in my ears which Chloe said was perfectly normal. It sounded like a set of electir hair-clippers used in a barber’s shop but a little higher pitched. This part of the treatment took about 30 minutes. Once it was completed, Chloe removed the gel from my torso using a warm cloth which was nicer than the cold jelly!

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Chloe then switched to the Dermology head of the 3D Lipo machine and used it like a roller from the outside of my torso towards the middle. She explained that this was to help the body eliminate those fat cells that had been broken down in the ealier part of the treatment.This part of the treatment took about 15 minutes.

Second Measurements, 3D Lipo inch loss treatments, Stokesley, Rejuven

The second set of measuremets were then taken.

Did it work?

I’m guessing you are all keen to hear if the “instant inch loss” claim lived up to it’s billing?

My before and after measurements are shown below.


  • Waist 102cm, 40 inches
  • Hips 95cm, 37 inches


  • Waist 98cm, 38.5 inches
  • Hips 91cm, 35.8 inches

So, yes! It appears that I too had good result. The next measurement are scheduled to be taken at week 4, half-way through the programme.

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